Frequently Asked Questions

How much are registration fees?

Registration in Season 2019 is $340 for all players.

There are multiple player discounts for families with more than one player at the club – BUT this discount is only available if ALL children are registered together in the same transaction.

Second child fee is $310, third and subsequent child fee is $280.

How do I transfer from another club?

For transfers from other clubs, you will need to request a transfer from your previous club first. After the transfer has been approved, you will then be able to register through the normal process.

How do I get uniform items?

GIJFC provides the players with football jumpers for the season and these must be returned to the club at the end of the season.

New players to the club will need to purchase the appropriate gear to play in and a training top which is to be worn at training (mandatory). During registration, there is an option to purchase a 'starter kit', including a Gladiator draw string bag. It is recommended that NEW players purchase this as part of their registration to streamline the purchase process. The cost is $120.

To play with GIJFC, all players will require:
• 1 pair home games shorts
• 1 pair away game shorts
• 1 pair socks
• 1 training top
• A mouthguard

Returning players can exchange their training top for a larger size if they need to, provided the original top is in good condition.

Uniform will be available for sale on specific days, usually Friday afternoons early in the season.

What age group will me child be in for this season?

Age groups shall commence on the first of January of the current year. Exceptions may be permitted upon application to the League.

My child was born on 1st Mat 20XX, one day after cut off, and is very big for his/her age, can he/she play?


My child is of age group U10s by birth, but his/her best friends are a bit younger and are playing U9s, can she play down an age level in U9s?

Players may apply in writing to the Registrations Manager, Club Secretary or President to 'play down' one age group only. Applications shall only be considered on specific medical grounds and must be accompanied by a letter from a medical professional.

After reviewing each case, the Club will decide to either forward the application to the league or not. The decision on whether the player is allowed to ‘play down’ will be determined by the League.

The League's decision is final.

A new application will need to be made to both the Club and the League at the start of every season.

MY child would like to play up an age group, is that possible?

Players may apply in writing to the Registrations Manager, Club Secretary or President to 'play up' one age group only.
Applications may only be made if the player is 'young' for their respective year group or grade at school, so they have been allocated to play in an age group that does not include their peers. The player must be in the same school year as the age group they are applying to play in.

The decision on whether the player is allowed to ‘play up’ will be determined by the age group the player's peers are playing in, and not on the basis of player ability, skill, physical size or weight.

The Club's decision is final and shall take into consideration the number of players in the age groups involved and any impact on balance of team structure.

What day/time will training be?

Training will be held after school on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

When does the season start?

7th April 2019.

What day/time will matches be in the regular season?

All matches for the YJFL competition are held on a Sunday. As a general rule the younger the team, the earlier the start.

Is tackling involved?

Modified tackling* is permitted, but bumping is not permitted. Players cannot bump or push an opponent, knock/steal the ball out of their opponent’s hands or smother the opponents kick.

*Modified Tackling - A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. The tackle may be from either side or from behind, providing the tackle from behind does not thrust the player with the ball forward (i.e. push the player in the back). If the player in possession of the ball is taken to the ground in the act of tackling, they will receive a free kick. If the umpire feels the player drops to the ground deliberately in order to receive a free kick, they will be penalised for holding the ball.

Are there any other modified rules for the younger age groups?

This refers to U9 mixed and U10 girls and younger age groups.

No scores recorded, no ladder and no finals, shorter quarters, less players per side, smaller grounds and player zones.

No stealing, smothering of the ball, shepherding or barging is permitted.

What is the grading process in the U13 age group?

It is the club’s policy that 'grading' will occur from under 13, up. At such time, players will be invited to attend try outs. Teams are selected by the club's football department in conjunction with the age group coordinator and individual coaches of teams. Separate guidelines have been developed for grading in under 13's.