1. Abide by the Laws of the Game, Club Rules, and League Rules
  2. Teach the Rules: Rules are mutual agreements which nobody should break
  3. Group players competitively
  4. Avoid overplaying talented players
  5. Maximise fun: Place winning in perspective
  6. Stress safety always
  7. Consider maturity levels: Devise training programs to suit all
  8. Develop team respect: For opponents, umpires, and coaches
  9. Recognise the importance of proper injury treatment
  10. Keep up to date with Coaching developments
  11. Attain Coaching accreditation
  12. Avoid derogatory language based on gender or race.
  13. Shall not engage in the aggressive recruitment of players. (Aggressive recruitment is to be determined on the facts of each particular case. As a guide only, aggressive recruitment will be considered to have occurred where there is contact on more than one occasion with a player (parent/guardian) and/or inducement is offered to a player to change Clubs). 


  1. Play by the laws and rules
  2. Don’t argue
  3. Control your temper
  4. Be a team player
  5. Be a good sport
  6. Treat all players fairly
  7. Cooperate with your coach and teammates
  8. Play for fun and improvement
  9. Avoid ugly remarks based on race or gender
  1. Encourage participation but do not force them.
  2. Teach that honest effort is the victory, not the winning.
  3. Encourage to play by the rules.
  4. Remember, involvement is for their enjoyment, not yours
  5. Remember, they learn best by example. Applaud both teams.
  6. Never ridicule mistakes or losses
  7. Recognise positively the recreational contribution of voluntary officials.
  8. Never publicly disagree with officials. Raise issues privately.
  9. Support all efforts to remove verbal, racial and physical abuse.
  10. Support your club officials to foster high standards of behaviour for your Club/League